SC4 and Marysville Enter Intergovernmental Agreement

The City of Marysville and St. Clair County Community College (SC4) entered into a 50-year intergovernmental agreement at Monday night’s Marysville city council meeting that will allow the college to expand into a southern footprint while sharing facilities with the city and its residents.  

According to Kirk Kramer, SC4 Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, the college is initially looking at two athletic facilities using two existing Marysville parks. During a presentation to the Marysville city council, Kramer suggested Morton Park on Busha Highway would be the location for a collegiate soccer field and track, while a softball field at Marysville City Park would be used by the college’s softball team with added improvements. 

Kramer said future plans involve more than sports. “For us, this is more than a soccer field, it’s about collaboration. Expansion to create a south campus footprint. We anticipate that as we work together over the years, that we’ll continue to evolve together.” He also mentioned a potential increased partnership with RESA in technical education and partnerships that will be beneficial for the college and other community partners. 

Gary Fletcher, Marysville’s City Attorney, added that he felt the partnership would be mutually beneficial. “The city couldn’t do all of this with everything else it has to do and the college cannot do it without the real estate. Together, you can get it done, and amplify by a whole lot what you would otherwise have. I think its great.” 

The term of the agreement begins February 1st. At that point, the college and city have 60 days to determine agreed-upon locations for the college’s future athletic facilities. SC4’s Board of Trustees will also need to agree to the deal, which is expected to be on the February 13 board agenda.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.