Senate Bills to Address Use of Emergency Alert System and Clarify Mask Exemptions

The use of the emergency alert system and mask exemption have both been called into question. 

New legislation is being introduced in the Michigan State Senate to prohibit the use of the state’s emergency alert system for anything other than imminent emergencies and to clarify mask exemptions. If you have a smartphone, you probably got an emergency alert on Monday afternoon telling you to fight COVID by wearing a mask in public, emphasizing the word “required” and mentioning “limited exemptions”.

Shelby Township Senator Peter J. Lucido, sponsor of the legislation, said, “Throughout this pandemic, Governor Whitmer has overwhelmed the public with emergency broadcast alerts to instill fear and intimidate people into complying with her declarations and executive orders. This is an overt abuse of a service designed to alert people of legitimate emergencies — the governor has gone beyond the scope and intent of the law and is now somewhere over the rainbow and approaching Oz.”

A second piece of legislation is meant to clarify the exemptions to the face mask requirement, especially when a business is confronted with a customer who claims exemption. Lucido said his bill will fix vagueness in the bill and prevent misunderstandings. 

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland