Smartphone Tracking Alert Issued by AG

A Consumer Alert has been issued by Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel regarding Smartphone tracking. The alert gives information on disabling tracking activity but also mentions that some tracking can be useful, such as COVID-19 monitoring.

Nessel said, “Our cell phones have become an essential communication tool. Because of that, I am committed to ensuring that Michigan consumers know the facts behind digital tracking and information-sharing. These technological advances may cause some to feel their privacy is being compromised, but those same advances are also providing us with unique opportunities like contact tracing to combat COVID-19. I want every Michigander to know how to ensure their smartphones are helping combat this pandemic without invading our privacy.”   

The full Alert explains how your phone and social media platforms are not really “listening”, but they are definitely tracking you. Instructions for limiting the tracking are given for both Android and Apple devices.

The complete Consumer Alert can be found at,4534,7-359-81903_20942-542694–,00.html.

Reporting for WGRT -Jennie McClelland