St. Clair County Drain Commissioner Race Heats Up

The St. Clair County Drain Commissioner Race is one of the hottest local contests on the ticket this year, with Democrat Fred Fuller challenging incumbent Republican Robert Wiley.

Longtime residents might think they are having a flashback to the 1990s when they see the “Fred Fuller for Drain Commissioner” campaign signs in yards around the county. Fuller held the Drain Commissioner position from 1997-2008. He originally ran to fight the dredging of Mill Creek, which flows through the town of Yale, where he resides and has served as mayor. Eventually a compromise was reached and Mill Creek mostly remains in its natural state. Fuller points to frustration with expensive studies instead of maintenance as one of his reasons for running for his old job again.

Incumbent Drain Commissioner Robert Wiley has been in the office since 2008. Wiley’s office has been instrumental in the mitigation of damaged wetlands in Fort Gratiot and the construction of the Veterans’ Memorial Wetlands Preserve. Wiley is in his third term as Drain Commissioner.

The Drain Commissioner position pays just under $80,000 per year.

Reporting for WGRT – Jennie McClelland