St. Clair County Health Department Promoting Free Screening For Kindergarten Children

Hearing and vision screenings are a requirement for children newly enrolled in school and those entering kindergarten. St. Clair County Health Department offers free hearing and vision screenings to county residents.   Hearing loss can have an effect on a child’s development, including; vocabulary, speech, sentence structure and social functioning. If hearing loss is identified early, family-centered interventions are promoted to improve language and cognitive development.  Early detection of hearing loss or vision problems can have a positive impact on a child’s learning experience. Make sure your child has a vision and hearing screen on record before they start school.

Why should you get your child screened?

  • All children must have a hearing and vision screen before entering kindergarten.
  • More than one million children in Michigan will need eye care by the time they reach high school graduation age.
  • Approximately 10,000 Michigan children begin each school year without adequate vision.
  • Screening can help your child succeed in school. An undiagnosed hearing and vision problem can interfere with your child’s development.
  • 5 percent of children screened for hearing are referred to a specialist. 10 percent of children screened for vision are referred to a specialist. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent temporary difficulties from becoming permanent problems.

(Source for statistics: National Institutes of Health, 2017)

To schedule an appointment call (810) 987-5300. For more information on the Hearing and Vision program visit (under Programs and Services tab). Follow us on social media @scchdmi.