St. Clair County Parks and Recreation Planning New Park

St. Clair County Parks and Recreation is planning to add another park to its portfolio with a planned acquisition of land in the southern part of the county. The land is located along the North Channel in Clay Township and would be initially purchased by the Six Rivers Land Conservancy who is representing the county until it is able to secure a Trust Fund acquisition grant. According to Commissioner Bill Gratopp, after April 1, a grant will be submitted to the DNR with hopes of being approved by November or December. Clay Township has also agreed to pay for a portion of the project while the nearby Harbor Club tentatively has nearby land the group is considering giving to the park. 

The cost of the property is $1.7 million. Similar deals have been made with previous park purchases. Six Rivers is a private non-profit whose mission is to “conserve, sustain, and connect natural areas, lands, and waters that make the places we live special.” This property is desirable because it has the potential for a public swimming beach. Gratopp said he has been working to secure a park at the southern end of the county for more than eight years.  

A rendering of the proposed park was presented to the County Board of Commissioners who approved the project at a regular meeting. The park is proposed to have an open play area, playground, picnic pavilions, concessions, and restroom building, along with fishing and boat landings. There will also be a kayak launch and beach area. The entrance to the park is off of M-29.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.