St. Clair Inn Renovation is Wonderful Mix of Old and New

The opening of the St. Clair Inn is drawing near, and Jeff Katofsky, Managing Member of Planet Clair LLC and developer of the St. Clair Inn, recently gave WGRT an inside look at the progress. Local residents are probably expecting a whole new look, but they may be pleasantly surprised with the familiarity and charm that has been preserved. From bathrooms to guest rooms, Katofsky says, original elements can be seen. “The doors in the bathrooms are the original doors from the guest rooms [on the] historic side. The sinks in the men’s room were sinks that we found in the Inn. The copper that was used behind the signage in the front was copper from the roof.” While the first private event is scheduled for this weekend, the public’s chance to see the historic property’s transformation is still about a month out. Public openings will start with the restaurant “1926”, the hotel’s more formal and only three-meal restaurant, in late October to early November. Following the first restaurant’s opening, several other venues throughout the grounds will be opened every 7-10 days. Hotel rooms are expected to start being offered towards the end of the year to the beginning of early 2020.