St. Clair Says Goodbye to Imagination Station

Volunteers in St. Clair have been working diligently to plan a redesign and build of the popular Imagination Station playground on Carney Drive. After several months of planning and fundraising, the group says construction is set to begin September 10-15th 2019. However, this weekend marked the last days of the existing playset’s current existence, and residents said goodbye to the wooden playscape on Sunday.

The planning process for the new playscape involved community input, design days for kids, and several volunteer committee meetings. The original playground was built in 1994, and according to Committee Director Matt Alley, has been well-loved. He said the group of volunteers is,  “trying to take this entire Imagination Station process and put it into the scope of what needs to be done for the next generation of children in the area to take advantage of the Imagination Station for decades to come.”

The efforts to re-imagine the playground are completely donation and volunteer-based, and they’re still trying to fulfill the goal for the project. If local residents or businesses are willing to volunteer for the project, over 1200 will be be needed over the course of the five day build with needs ranging from skilled trades to childcare positions. You can send the group a message through their Facebook page at Imagination Station Rebuild.