10th Street Bridge in Port Huron. Photo by Jessie Wiegand.

State Auditing Bridge Inspection Program

As one might imagine, there are several bridges in the State of Michigan. The state’s bridges are inspected at least every 24 months and sometimes more frequently.  The Office of the Auditor General at the State level is conducting a performance audit of the bridge inspection program. The Office of the Auditor General, OAG, is going to conduct a survey of all bridge owners which includes MDOT and locally owned bridges. They will be looking at quality control and quality assurance procedures and general experiences in bridge inspection.

In addition, the OAG plans to select some bridge owners for a more in-depth discussion on quality control and quality assurance related topics.  Matt Chynoweth, Chief Bridge Engineer for MDOT and Director of the Bureau of Bridges and Structures, said, “This is the third audit of the inspection program since 2009.” He went on to say, “Of the roughly 11,000 bridges in Michigan, about 4,500 are owned by MDOT, and the other 6,500 or so are owned by counties, cities, townships, or villages”.