Statement From Michigan State Medical Society On The Passage Of Proposal 1

The Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS)  responded to the passage of Proposal 1 on Tuesday. The following is a statement from Dr. Betty S. Chu, MD, MBA, president of MSMS.  “Just because the recreational use of marijuana is now legal in Michigan, it does not mean marijuana is safe or healthy. Marijuana is still a Schedule 1 controlled substance which reflects the high potential for abuse and addiction.  The recreational use of marijuana harms our communities, families, and youth. Other states have already  experienced  the  sweeping  negative consequences associated with this sort policy, which include but are not limited to increased marijuana-related hospitalizations, traffic deaths and crime. Regardless of the legality of marijuana use here in our state, Michigan’s physician community will remain vigilant in working to educate and inform our patients and the broader public of the dangers associated with marijuana use.”  The Michigan State Medical Society is a professional association of more than 15,000 Michigan physicians. Its mission is to promote a health care environment which supports physicians in caring for, and enhancing the health of Michigan citizens through science, quality, and ethics in the practice of medicine. Please visit for more information.