Studio 1219 Presents: Christine Noetzel

From June 7 through the 29th, Studio 1219 will present the work of Christine Noetzel.  The exhibit will be on display in the South Gallery, with a reception, Friday, June 7th from 6 to 8 p.m.  Noetzel says what inspires her to paint is the reaction from people when they view her artwork. If they say they like it or maybe if they don’t like it, but it touches an emotion and reminds them of some time or place on their life’s journey.That reaction is, she says, her greatest gift as an artist.  Nature is also an inspiration with its shapes, contours, colors and light. With paper, brush, watercolor, inks, pastels or colored pencils , she says she is motivated to create. Sometimes an abstract or collage work with an assortment of textures emerges in her attempt to express an image to the viewer. Traveling to new areas and attending workshops help her to continue to learn new techniques and ideas and keep her updated in the art world. Most of all the wonderful people she meets along the way Noetzel says, inspire and stimulate her as a person and are a testimony of the love and beauty the world holds.  Art Studio 1219 is located at 1219 Military Street in Port Huron