Summer Heat Calls for Ozone Care

With the weather heating up in the Blue Water Area we may see more Ozone Action Days.  The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is the agency that determines what constitutes an Ozone Action Day.  Officials at the Michigan DEQ take into account several different factors when determining the severity and nature of an ozone action day. Specific parameters play a significant role: solar insolation, cloud cover, temperature, wind speed and direction, and the presence or absence of precipitation.

Emission factors also contribute. Emissions, though, are not measured on a continuous basis as ambient ozone monitor concentrations are. Emission information is taken into consideration upon general knowledge and historical data.  Some activities that affect emission data are refueling or topping off vehicles, using gas-powered lawn equipment, and even using charcoal lighter fluid. Activities that can have a positive impact on air quality are carpooling, biking to work, delaying or combining errands, and using water-based paints. For further information visit