Terence Makoski Candidate for Macomb County Sheriff

Terence Mekoski

Running for Macomb County Sheriff

Clinton Township, MI – Terence Mekoski, announces that he is running for Macomb County Sheriff. Mekoski will run in the August 4th, 2020 Republican Primary election to seek the party’s nomination for Macomb County Sheriff.

“I am excited to announce that I am running for Macomb County Sheriff.  I believe that we need a new approach to the department than what we have been getting over the last few years.  We need an experienced fighter with fresh ideas that will provide the solutions required for the safety of our citizens and inmates.” said Mekoski.

He has over 34 years of experience in law enforcement working for the Oakland County Sheriff’s department, leading FBI and DEA task forces, and DEA Senior Financial Investigator for the Opioid Strike Force against our nation’s drug crisis.  He is kicking off his campaign on Thursday, March 5th from 5pm to 9pm at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township.

He has a strong desire to help those affected by the opioid crisis.  He will look to begin working with agencies that deal with addiction to help lower recidivism rates among released inmates.

“I have spent a large portion of my career working in drug enforcement agencies because I have a passion for keeping drugs off our streets and out of the hands of our sons and daughters. We can do more than what we have been doing and it will be one of my top priorities as Macomb County Sheriff” stated Mekoski.

Terence will continue his life of community service and provide solutions for the toughest challenges facing Macomb County.  He added, “we should do more than look to raise our taxes, unnecessary construction projects, addicts not getting the support or help the deserve, and failing to provide for adequate safety of our inmates. I am ready to work hard for the residents of Macomb County and the employees of the sheriff’s department.”

For more information, visit mekoski.com.

Submitted by Michelle Wilson, Director of Public Relations, Terence Mekoski for Macomb County Sheriff