Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is the best time for family and delicious food. Many families have great holiday traditions that may include making a special dish. While some people have the “standard” turkey dinner with stuffing and other common sides like cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes, others have some pretty wild Thanksgiving recipes added to the table. 

People took to Twitter this year to share their wildest Thanksgiving recipes and some dishes are quite interesting… 

Ever heard of seafoam salad? What about a bologna cake with ranch cream cheese icing? As it turns out, many individuals have these kinds of unique creations that they have on turkey day. Surprisingly, Jell-O was a common ingredient for most so if you aren’t sure what to make this year or want to start a new tradition… Grab some Jell-O and get creative! It truly seems like the possibilities are endless. 

However strange your family dish may be, have a Happy Thanksgiving! 

Adapted from the Today Show’s “Jello-O and cream cheese?! People share their family’s wildest Thanksgiving recipies” by Aly Walansky