The Big Thaw: Polar Vortex To Spring

The polar vortex has blasted the Midwest with bitterly cold winds, sub-zero temperatures, and in some places even up to 20 inches of snow.  But the cold spell is due to dissipate and spring like weather is to arrive promptly. This rapid thawing out across the frozen areas of the US is aberrant and could cause some serious problems for residents, including bust pipes, damaged roads and flooding.   With flooding and damage for many parts of Michigan imminent as the ice thaws, water damage restoration service providerServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba has put together some short-term tips on how you can protect your home:

1/ How to tell where pipes are frozen:

  • Look for condensation or a light coat of frost on pipes.
  • Tap pipes with a small tool, and listen for a solid sound.
  • Touch pipe surfaces to locate extreme cold spots.

2/ How to thaw a drain pipe:

  • Thaw pipes with a space heater or heat lamp positioned at least 3 feet away from flammable materials.
  • Use a hair dryer to direct warm air up and down frozen pipe lengths.
  • Wrap frozen pipe with an electric heat cable, and keep a close eye on the process.

3/ What to do when frozen pipes burst:

  • Turn off the water supply.
  • Check your electrical system.
  • Address leakage and document damage.
  • Check the ceilings for frozen burst pipe leaks.
  • Start drying out.

For more in-depth tips, please follow the below links: