Thinking About Making Changes For The New Year?

Along with singing “Auld Lang Syne” at the start of the New Year, making resolutions is a tradition for millions of Americans. While choosing a resolution can be easy, sticking to it can be impossible. A 2014 YMCA survey found that less than a quarter of respondents kept their resolutions. Many (71 percent) tried but stated that they fell short of their goals. Forty percent confessed that they gave up within the first few months, even weeks, of the New Year! This year, the YMCA of the Blue Water Area is encouraging community members to give their New Year’s resolutions a boost by creating smaller, more manageable goals that can lead to a success of a larger one. “’Losing weight’ is too broad,” explains Jenny McElwain, Healthy Living Specialist. “Reframe that big resolution into smaller, more manageable ones. Resolve to incorporate fruits and vegetables into at least two meals a day. If you’re eating out three times a week, make a goal to only eat out two times a week.” The YMCA of the Blue Water Area also explains that reframing your goals in a positive way can help you stick to them. For example, you may want to limit your screen time in 2019, but that can be more manageable if you replace it with something positive like volunteering or setting special time aside for family. “