Tim Keller

Running for State Representative of the 83rd District


Tim Keller has been an educator in Port Huron Schools for 23 years.  He has always stressed the importance of our nation’s founding principles while teaching government, civics, economics, U.S. history and world history.  Tim is married to Lisa, and is the proud father of three.  He is a regular parishioner at Lakeport Wesleyan.

 Tim is an active member of the St. Clair County Republican Party where he previously served on the Executive Committee.  Tim has personally recruited over 100 grassroots conservative activists to serve as precinct delegates in the county GOP.  He also served as Chairman of Blue Water Tea Party.  Tim has built effective working relationships with conservative leaders across the state of Michigan.  This is demonstrated by the fact that Tim’s candidacy for State Representative has been endorsed by former State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Patrick Colbeck, current State Board of Education and former State Representative Tom McMillin, former State Senator Dan DeGrow and former State Representative Lauren Hager.  He has also been endorsed by four Sanilac County Board of Commissioners.

 Tim has demonstrated foresight and long-term conservative action by recruiting members of the community to run for office, including Shane Hernandez, who Tim personally persuaded to run for public office.  Tim is a proven leader and is a consistent Constitutional Conservative. He is 100% pro-life and 100% protective of our 2nd Amendment rights.

 Tim believes that government exists to protect our God-given rights, and that government is only necessary because human nature is flawed.  For the same reason that laws and governance are necessary, government itself must be limited by constitutional boundaries.  That’s why Tim Keller got involved in the political arena ten years ago as a grassroots activist – to keep government in its proper boundaries.

You can learn more about Tim Keller here: timkeller4rep.com


Submitted by Tim Keller