Travel Agents Staying Informed to Help Clients Hold on to Travel Dreams

Summer vacations are a huge part of family traditions. WGRT spoke with Theresa Winters, owner of Faraway Places Travel, about things you should be thinking about as you plan your summer vacation.

We asked Theresa to tell us the most important thing people need to know about domestic travel. She reminded us that this summer is still a waiting game when it comes to domestic travel. Each state will have different rules when the world opens back up, and we have to be very mindful of that. Every day brings more changes.

Travel outside of the country will also be dependent on each destination. Again, it is all about keeping up to date with the changes. We also asked Theresa about the number one travel concern she is hearing from her clients. She told us that the number one concern is about the uncertainty of income in the future, which in turn leaves people only dreaming of travel.

As a travel agent, it’s her job to stay informed about travel restrictions and regulations so her customers don’t have to. She has strong connections in the travel community, and has learned to navigate complicated issues for her clients in the past. She can also help people get to the destinations they want to visit on a variety of budgets.

This situation will be no different. She went on to say, “It excites me to hear that people are still wanting to travel when the world opens back up. Out of all this, I hope that people now see the importance of working with a travel professional.”

Reporting for WGRT – Marty Doorn