Tray Smith On The Ballot Running For Mayor Of Port Huron

Election day is Tuesday, November 6 and voters will head to the polls to decide on a number of positions.  Locally, in the city of Port Huron three seats for city council need to be filled and the position of Mayor is up for grabs.  Four candidates are running to hold the title of Mayor; those include current Mayor Pauline Repp, current city councilman Scott Richard Worden, Garth Gurnsey who has run for Mayor in the past, and newcomer, Tray Smith.  Smith says what he has to offer is unique in that it is giving people a platform to be heard from all levels of life, he brings a blended sense to hearing all voices.   In the next term, he would like to see the apathy leave us.  He wants to see people become engaged and get encouraged and become involved in making a difference in our community.  He feels that Port Huron is seeing a decline in population and Port Huron is not a diverse city, mainly in ideas.  He would love to see a rise in the youth.  He feels the position of Mayor needs to give people hope.  That residents should feel they can speak with the Mayor about their concerns, and look to the Mayor for hope.