Trouble at the Fogcutter

A Port Huron landmark, commonly known as the “Fogcutter Building” seems to have fallen into disrepair, as evident in a 7-day eviction notice issued to the tenants this week.

The Port Huron Office Center, located at 511 Fort Street in downtown Port Huron, is in danger of being shuttered by the City of Port Huron. The building has been deemed unsafe to occupy due to fire alarms being nonoperational. Fire suppression systems were also found to be uncertifiable and unable to be verified, according to City Manager, James Freed. The owner of the building has until January 31 to address and correct the problems or the building will be considered uninhabitable due to the safety concerns.

The building housed the fine dining restaurant, The Fogcutter, on it’s sixth floor, for decades. It closed in 2009. The sixth floor was most recently the home to Rix’s Rooftop Restaurant which closed in May of 2019 after two years in operation. The building currently has spaces occupied by several law offices and other businesses. Those tenants have been warned that eviction is imminent if the fire safety systems are not mitigated promptly. The building is owned by a private investor who purchased it for over $650,000 in 2010, according to county records.