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Tyler Moldovan

Port Huron City Council



Tyler Moldovan was born in Michigan, and throughout his life he has had the opportunity to live in a variety of communities around Michigan and beyond. Over the past 5 years in Port Huron, Tyler has been a keen spokesperson for the city; he’s a creative by passion and a mechanic by trade.

Tyler believes the difference between an artist and everyone else with a vision is that an artist gets it done. He has brought a successful film festival back to Port Huron (Desmond District Demons) as well as started The Black River Film Society which looks to encourage our community to create, watch, and love film by hosting premiers and screenings open to the public.

Port Huron has really taken ahold of Tyler; he’s in love with the charm, the opportunity, and the beauty of this city. He is a self described human pocket-knife and has a passion for figuring out how something works and how it can work better. This is Tyler’s first run at public office.

Visit Tyler’s campaign website <HERE>.

Submitted by Tyler Moldovan