United Way Fundraising Campaign Over $1.1M

The United Way of St. Clair County is celebrating the finale of months of work on the organization’s annual fundraising campaign. Several community volunteers along with United Way staff set out beginning in September of last year with a goal to raise $1.2 million. Have you ever wondered how the money is raised? Campaign Chair, Michelle Shepley, says that the numerous volunteers work hard to cover many types of businesses in St. Clair County.

Ultimately through the fundraising efforts, the group secured 96.9% of their goal by the campaign celebration Wednesday night totaling $1,170,700, all of which will stay in St. Clair County. Shepley thanked the community for their generosity and said this year’s motto “Give A Little Bit” showed that when people can give, they do, and together, make a big difference.

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.