Updates To The State’s Animal Industry Act Moves Fforward

The Michigan House passed on Wednesday a comprehensive modernization of the state’s animal industry regulations, led by state Rep. Dan Lauwers.  “This extensive cooperative effort among industry leaders, MDARD and the Legislature resulted in a streamlined and efficient set of reforms that meet today’s animal agriculture standards,” Lauwers said. “This means Michigan’s farmers will finally have an easy-to-follow set of laws that adapt to today’s technology and keep the highest food safety standards.”  The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) began working with the Legislature in 2015 to update Michigan’s Animal Industry Act, while Lauwers was chair. Since its enactment in 1988, Michigan’s animal industry law has been amended sporadically many times, which resulted in a hard-to-follow mishmash of regulations. Updates were needed to reorganize and streamline the law, making it easier for Michigan’s farmers to follow. These laws will also be easier to adapt to advancements in agricultural technology.  The House passed the plan with overwhelming support and will move to the Senate for consideration. The plan is led by HB 6205.