“Vaping” a Growing Concern

Thirteen hundred Americans die from cigarette smoking related causes every day and electronic cigarettes, or “vapes” have been thought to be a safer alternative. But, recent reports have called the safety of vaping in to question, especially when substances are added to the vaping liquids. 

A Michigan teen was the recipient of a double lung transplant at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. His symptoms are directly tied to vaping, but medical experts don’t exactly know why. The prevalent theory is that most injuries are caused when substances are added to the vaping liquids, particularly cannabis derivatives. Vaping or “Juuling” is heavily marketed to teens in a variety of ways.

According to the St. Clair County Health Department 2019 Community Health Improvement Plan, 31.9% of area high school students used an electronic vapor product in the last 30 days, at the time of the survey. The Health Department recommends against using e-cigarettes or “vapes” and that smoking cessation be chosen over vaping for those who are addicted to nicotine. If local residents do choose to vape, the Health Department says to be  very careful about avoiding any additives. Tomorrow is also the “Great American Smokeout”, as designated by the American Cancer Society, a day when smokers and vapers are encouraged to try to kick the habit.