Vincent’s Heating And Plumbing “Cares” And “Gives Back”

Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing not only has a business in Port Huron, they believe it is important to “Give Back” and “Care” for the local community.  Daniel Squires, President of Vincent’s says they have been in business for sixty years and are grateful to the community for their support over the years.  With that in mind, Vincent’s Heating and Plumbing began two programs in the fall of 2017.  Vincent’s Cares allows for customers of Vincent’s to log on to their website, select an organization in the list provided – supply their invoice number and amount, and one percent of that total will be donated to the selected non-profit.  The Give Back program allows for three non-profits to be voted on daily for a period of time by anyone wishing to participate.  Squires says it is easy to do, you just click on to participate and then you can vote daily for your favorite of the three non-profits.  At the end of the allotted time, the group with the most votes wins $1,000.  The other two are awarded sums of cash as well.  Squires says it is a lot of fun for everyone involved as you watch the votes grow in number coming down to the final award.  He says he likes nothing more than delivering that oversized check to the different groups at the end of the voting period.    Today is the final day to vote in this quarter’s competition.  Log on to and check it out.