Voters Can Request Absentee Ballot Online

While in-person voting is still available for all upcoming elections, more options are being rolled out for alternative ways to vote from home. Absentee ballot applications can be submitted through the website,

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson explained the new option by saying, “This tool provides another digital option for voters to safely and conveniently apply to receive their absentee ballot, while also offering clerks an easy, cost efficient way of processing the application securely.”

Voters can currently scan and email their applications, but this new option requires voters to have a Michigan Driver’s License or State ID with no scanning necessary. Absentee voters sign using a tool that retrieves their signature used for their Driver’s License or ID. The request goes to their local Clerk to process just like a paper absentee ballot request.

This is not online voting. Actual ballots are still on paper and have to be mailed or hand-delivered to a clerk’s office. Signatures will still be verified in order for the votes to be counted.

Reporting for WGRT –  Jennie McClelland