Wanda Goodnough

Wanda Goodnough, Ph. D. M.H.A.

Running for Mt. Clemens City Commissioner


Ms. Wanda O’Neal, Morgan, Goodnough was born in June 6, 1966, and is a native of Mount Clemens, Michigan. Ms. Wanda prides herself in being a working mother, perpetual student, and lifelong pursuer of knowledge. She has committed herself to the promotion of education by helping others to understand the value of knowledge. Wanda mainly draws inspiration from members of her family, including her grandmother and father. The various personalities who she has met in the course of her studies have also been instrumental in her educational and social progress.

Wanda grew up listening to her great grandmother’s experiences as a factory worker as well as how her grandmother had to work two jobs just to sustain her educational progress. Wanda comes from a family of servitude. Her grandmother was a nurse R.N. Her father a Supervisor for Protective Service, her brother worked in the health care field, and her sister works in the health care field as well.  Two of her family members have achieved notable educational progress, including her grandmother who has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and an R.N in nursing and her father who holds a Masters Degree in Education.   

Ms. Wanda is a holder of various academic accolades, including a Bachelors Degree in Food Management, Bachelors Degree in Health Care Administration, and Masters Degree in Health Care Administration. She has concluded studies for her Ph.D. in Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership, with concentrations in Corporate Training and E-Learning and Organizational Diversity. Wanda has mostly been working in the field of Food management where she has clocked over 40 years of service, but in recent times, her efforts have been directed towards community work serving the youth, mental health, seniors, and the disabled. 

 Currently, Ms. Wanda is the President of the National Council of Negro Women, Macomb Chapter. Ms. Wanda continues to dedicate her life to helping others to reap maximum benefits from education and serving the community and become the best citizens that they can be. 

Ms. Wanda also works as an independent contractor teaching the STEAM program to youth 8- 12 years of age. When she is not working full time, or teaching, or working on projects to help fund the youth programs for under-served children, she helps tutor her grandchildren and anyone else in need.

For more information about Dr. Goodnough’s candidacy for Mt. Clemens City Commissioner, visit her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.

Submitted by Wanda Goodnough