Water Levels Cause Concern

In a recent email from Port Huron City Manager James Freed, he expressed concern due to the water levels in the Blue Water Area.  Officials made statements about the St. Clair River, stating it is noteworthy that anytime we get a “wind event” (SCA , Gale or Storm), most likely from 350 to 070 degrees or 190 to 270 degrees, all of the St. Clair river gauges go up a solid 2 to 6 inches which further exacerbates the problems. The NWS will issue a Lakeshore Flood Advisory for
SCC+ conditions with onshore flow for either Lake Huron or Lake St. Clair.  In the text of the Advisory…the National Weather Service will state something like, “the high water levels of the Great Lakes are already creating potential flooding issues for the St. Clair River communities from St. Clair south to Harsens Island. The strong NE/SW winds are expected add to this flood threat”.    The rising water levels will raise the Canal and Black River.  We don’t expect issues in the Canal District, however, some boats that were  able to fit under the Canal Gate last season may not fit this season.   Also, contractors are working to raise the docks in the Marina, as many are now under water.  Freed says, we have not seen water levels this high since the early 1980’s.