Water Rescue Kits Play Vital Role for Local Law Enforcement

Port Huron, MI — Being the first person on the scene of a water rescue is extremely risky. Without proper equipment the rescuer’s and the victim’s lives are in danger. Mustang Survival Water Rescue Kits were created to give first responders the necessary tools to safely address these situations.

The Port Huron City Council recently approved the purchase of Mustang Water Rescue Kits, and now all Port Huron police Department vehicles are equipped with them.

According to a letter from Chief Platzer to the Council, the equipment has already saved the life of a young person in our community.

On May 28th, a 13 year old in distress attempted to take his/her life by jumping into the St.Clair River. Platzer said, “If it was not for the officers having readily available to them the Mustang Rescue Kit, the juvenile most likely would have drowned and would have put my officers in harm’s way.  One officer on scene was ready to jump into the river to save the juvenile’s life.”

The juvenile was rescued from the river and taken to a nearby hospital to receive needed help.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand