What is the Social District in Port Huron?

Port Huron, MI — With Boat Week festivities starting today, many people may be wondering exactly what the rules are for the Downtown Port Huron Social District.

A social district is a designated area where alcoholic beverages can be purchased from participating restaurants and then carried around inside its boundaries. It is not an opportunity to bring your own alcoholic beverages into the city for drinking.

Social District drinks are in specially marked cups and can be purchased at Casey’s, City Flats/City Floats, Lynch’s Irish Tavern, Martina’s Grill, Raven Cafe, Wings, Etc., and Vintage Tavern.

After you purchase a beverage from a participating restaurant, you must stay on main street sidewalks while enjoying it. The Social District runs from Glenwood to Union Street down Huron and Military. Check with business owners before bringing your drink into their stores; many allow it, but it’s best to ask!

The Social District operates 7 days a week and closes at midnight each night, and local and state laws still apply to serving minors, public intoxication, and impaired driving, so stay safe and be responsible if you choose to take advantage of this downtown perk.

Reporting for WGRT – Jessie Wiegand