Where Does The Money From Seized Assets In Drug Busts Go?

What happens to seized assets that are related to criminal investigations on controlled substances, identity theft and other crimes?  Reports say that agencies itemize how the money taken in from seized assets was spent.   A recent article in MLive written by Scott Levin stated, last year 36% of all money seized was devoted to equipment like records management systems, mobile data terminals, live stream video, and evidence collection enhancements.  That represented the highest percentage spent in expenditures, with only the category “Other” breaking a double digit share of the pot at 17%. “Other” encompasses things like cell phones, GPS trackers, vehicle purchases, off-site storage units for toxic materials and various evidence collection materials.  Levin wrote that in 2017, the Michigan State Police reported police agencies got $13.1 million.   However, a new bill recently passed the State senate that would prohibit seizures of property valued at less than $50,000 without a conviction in a case.  That bill is currently making its way through the legislative process.