Whistles on the Water Coming to St. Clair

A unique event is right around the corner in St. Clair next to the historic St. Clair Inn whose first event is drawing near. Local residents along with whistle collectors and enthusiasts from around the United States and Canada will visit Whistles on the Water for the 11th annual event. Attendees will get the chance to hear massive brass instruments, some of them more than six feet tall, sound off with window-rattling and ground-shaking roars that replicate freighter and other whistle equipped vessels. Unlike other steam whistle events that rely on compressed air, Whistles on the Water uses a massive steam boiler that produces 161 pounds per square inch of pressure. The boiler produces an authentic sound common during the 19th century when steamships ruled the Great Lakes. Event attendees will have a chance to operate a steam whistle while watching and hearing modern freighters as their captains respond to salutes from the steam whistles, a unique feature thanks to the event’s location on the riverfront. The annual event takes place 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. September 28th and is free to attend.