Historian To Share The Origins Of The Michigan State Police Patrol Car

We all recognize the blue sedan with the bubble gum machine on the roof as the traditional
Michigan State Police patrol car. But do you know the history behind this very recognizable
automobile and its very humble beginnings. And did you know that the first State Police Post
in the Blue Water Area had five different sites during its 74 year history?  Join St. Clair Historian Bob Freehan and Michigan State Police troopers as they look at the history of the “moveable” St. Clair State Police Post and the unique history of the Michigan State Police cars. The troopers will bring a current patrol car and a “historic” Mustang patrol car for everyone to view after the presentations.   The presentation will be Monday evening, May 20th, 2019 at 7:00 PM
at the Wills Auto Museum located at 2408 Wills Street (Marysville Industrial Park South) in Marysville. $8.00 admission charge covers the presentation and admission to the Museum.
RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Please contact Terry Ernest: 810‐987‐2854