Windjammer Restaurant Closes Indefinitely

Lexington’s well-known waterfront restaurant, The Windjammer, is closed indefinitely. In a public statement made on Facebook last week, Shelly Hassler, Owner of the Windjammer, said, “Despite months of hard work and support to keep our doors open, it has become clear that it’s simply not possible to continue to operate the restaurant while, at the same time, bringing the restaurant to the level that meets that health department’s requirements and that also corrects the years of serious maintenance issues on the building.”

The news comes after a brief closure this summer when the eatery was acquired by the Roxbury Group (which also owns the newly restored Cadillac House in Lexington). Hassler said in her statement that she is “excited to work with the Roxbury Group on a future plan to redevelop the property that includes everything we have come to cherish about the Windjammer and will take advantage of the remarkable waterfront experience this property has the potential to offer on a year-round basis.”

While the restaurant will be undergoing some major changes, it appears the group is hoping to offer a concept in the summer that will “will bring waterfront outdoor-focused food and beverage offerings and events to the community that keeps the waterfront a busy and fun place to visit.”

Reporting for WGRT, Karly Hurley.