Woman’s Life Adds to Their Board of Directors

Members of Woman’s Life Insurance Society from across the country cast their ballots to elect three directors to the Woman’s Life Board of Directors.

Elected to serve as Directors for four-year terms beginning May 1, 2020, were: Brenda L. Doll, North Dakota; Kathy K. Regalado, Colorado; and Charlene J. Yard, Indiana. Brenda, Kathy, and Charlene join Diane E. Lofquist, Michigan; Karen R. Palka, Michigan; and Janice U. Whipple, Michigan, to bring the total number of elected directors to six. The seventh and final member of the board is the National President, Christopher J. Martin, who is appointed by the board.

Woman’s Life Insurance Society is a community life insurance provider offering quality financial products including whole life insurance, term life insurance, and fixed deferred annuities designed to help women and their families plan for a secure financial future. Through the sale of these financial products, Woman’s Life funds community projects held by members to benefit charitable organizations and individuals in need in the communities where they live.

Woman’s Life also has has member chapters that provide women with fun social activities and fundraising opportunities in their communities. Locally, Woman’s Life Chapters have donated their time and talent in many ways to benefit area nonprofits and community groups.

To learn more, visit www.womanslife.org or call 800-521-9292