Youth for Christ East Michigan Looking for Executive Director

Youth for Christ East Michigan is looking for a new Executive Director. Past Executive Director, Laurie Wilson, moved on to work with youth in the school district, and the Board of Directors is grateful for her years of service and the work she did to advance the mission of YFC in the area.

The East Michigan Chapter of Youth for Christ dates back to 1961, and the organization believes there is a strong foundation for the next Executive Director to grow the ministry and lead their outreach to youth in the area.

The position requires a Bachelor’s degree, and experience in youth ministry is preferred. Applicants must also have spiritual and organizational leadership skills and good communication skills. As a leader in Youth for Christ, they must either be commissioned or licensed as a minister through the Youth for Christ process¬† and/or ordained by an outside body recognized by Youth for Christ/USA.

Youth for Christ East Michigan is actively engaged with 11-19-year-old’s in all of St. Clair County and a portion of Sanilac and Macomb counties. They reach out to youth through school-based programs and online groups, Facebook Live events, and See You at the Pole prayer events.

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