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Kurt & Ellie Johnson The Barrens
Kurt and Ellie Johnson collaborated to write a story of adventure, loss, and healing. Joins us for a conversation about The Barrens, and the creative work they did together to finish this story.
Liuan Huska Hurting Yet Whole
Liuan Huska started having chronic pain in her 20s. Her book, Hurting Yet Whole, shares her journey of trying to get a diagnosis, struggling with her personal limitations, and wrestling with God.
Leopoldo Gout Monarca
Leopoldo Gout co-wrote the book, Monarca, to celebrate the love he had for his daughter and the life-cycle of the Monarch butterfly. Listen as he shares his love of family and how this magical tale of a Mexican-American girls who transforms into a Monarch came to life.
Jake Sawicki Mark Chandler The Native Howl
We checked in with one of Port Huron's favorite bands, The Native Howl, while they're competing on Hit Parader's show, No Cover. Listen as Jake & Chan share how the local music scene influenced The Native Howl, and what they've got to look forward to this summer as they tour with GWAR.
Aaron Blabey The Bad Guys
Aaron Blabey tackles prejudice and stereotyping in his book series, The Bad Guys. Find out why he decided to redeem some of the animals most likely to have a bad reputation and how much fun he had doing it.
Riley Redgate Alone Out Here
Riley Redgate's new book, Alone Out Here, has all the futuristic drama and moral dilemmas you'd expect when a groups of teenagers end up floating through space trying to preserve human existence in the known universe.
Stephen M.R. Covey Trust & Inspire Franklin Covey Institute
Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to work for you? Stephen M.R. Covey sheds some light on how your leadership style affects your employees and team members.
Polly Hamilton Hilsabeck American Blues
Polly Hamilton Hilsabeck's novel American Blues takes the reader back to the 1970s to a small town in South Carolina after the lynching of a black man. Polly shares what the book means to her and how she hopes it engages readers in the conversation of race in America.


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