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Theodore R Johnson When the Stars BEgin to Fall
Theodore R. Johnson eloquently challenges us to look at our perceptions of race and the "other" and beckons us to set aside our comfort to form a more unified country.
Harlow Haunted Houses
Harlow is a hardworking pop artist who wants to get her songs on the radio. She shares where her passion for music started and the stories behind her latest releases.
Bonnie Marcus Not Done Yet
Bonnie Marcus empowers women over 50 to shatter age and gender norms and keep conquering their careers.
Leslie Ehm Swagger
Leslie Ehm might be the sassiest business coach ever, and her new book "Swagger" encourages readers to unleash everything they are and become everything they want.
Ed Hajim The Road Less Traveled
Ed Hajim was kidnapped by his father at 3 years old and told his mother was dead. 30 years later, he discovered that she was still alive.
Scott Steenbergh Recovery High School
We're learning about the Recovery High School Program coming to St. Clair County Intervention Academy and its mission to provide a holistic education to youth who desire to recover from addiction.
LIMElight wsg Hallie Bateman Directions
Hallie Bateman has some really good advice for humans, and her new book Directions packages it in simple yet profound illustrations.
LIMElight wsg Joani Elliott The Audacity of Sara Grayson
Joani left her position as a university writing teacher to pursue her dream of writing her book. She shares her writing journey for her first novel.