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LeUyen Pham & Shannon Hale Podcast
Join us for a fun conversation about bad perms, perfectionism, and beauty magazines and the constantly changing season of adolescence.
Robert Bathurst The MAdness of Crowds
Robert Bathurst, British actor and stage performer, shares his work as narrator of Louse Penny's The Madness of Crowds and many other Inspector Gamache novels.
Christina Erteszek The First Lady of Underfashions
Christina Erteszek's parents wanted her to write their life stories. It took over 20 years for her to piece together their separate accounts and complete her memoir which includes their immigrant history and pursuit of the American Dream.
Joel Silverman Back to School Training for your pup
After a summer of having their people nearby, many dogs need help adjusting to changes in their routines that happens when kids head back-to-school.
Liza Nash Taylor In All Good Faith Podcast
Liza Nash Taylor tells a masterful story in her book, In All Good Faith, weaving together true historical events and compelling characters.
Christian Minimalism: Simple Steps for Abundant Living
Becca Ehrlich discovered an abundant life by clearing away the clutter and finding out what truly matters.
David Zucchino Wilmingtons lie
Commonly referred to as a "race riot", David Zucchino explores the truth about what happened in Wilmington, North Carolina in 1898.
Kent Babb Across the River
Kent Babb spent a year following the football team at Karr High School and experiencing the reality of coaching kids in one of America's most dangerous cities.


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