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LIMElight wsg. Wilson The Buffalo Ramos Detroit Tigers
Wilson "The Buffalo" Ramos is new to the Detroit Tigers and he's ready to inspire his teammates and play hard for Detroit fans. Listen as Wilson shares how he got his nickname and how he handles adversity.
_LIMElight wsg. Joni Ankerson To Kill or Be Killed
Joni Ankerson suffered horrific abuse at the hands of her police officer husband until she could see no way to save her own life than by taking his. Joni talks about her experience chronicled in her book, To Kill or Be Killed: A True Crime Memoir From Prison.
LIMElight wsg. Maureen Johnson Hello Cruel Heart
Maureen Johnson digs into the backstory of Disney villain Cruella De Vil in her new book, Hello, Cruel Heart. Find out why she has a passion for writing YA fiction and what captivated her about Estella's story.
LIMElight wsg. Dennis Huisman Port Huron Police School Resource Officer
Officer Dennis Huisman talks about his role as a School Resource Officer in a local high school and what it means to him and those he serves.
LIMElight wsg.Jane Healey The Secret Stealers
Author Jane Healey shares how she transitioned her career to pursue her dream of writing historical fiction, and talks bout her new book The Secret Stealers that follows several female spies as they work for the French Resistance in WWII.
LIMElight wsg.Crystal McCreary Little Yogi Deck
Crystal McCreary shares her insight as a yoga and mindfulness practitioner and educator, and talks about how she created The Little Yogi Deck to help children learn to handle their big emotions.
LIMElight wsg. Jerry Chien CEO Gravvity
Jerry Chien talks about the psychological effects that social media has on a generation that is constantly online and how Gravvity is looking to be a healthier alternative.
LIMElight wsg. Harold Schechter Maniac
Harold Schechter is a true crime historian and the author of the book, Maniac: The Bath School Disaster and the Birth of the Modern Mass Killer, which chronicles the events surrounding the deadliest school massacre in U.S. history. Harold discusses the profile of killer Andrew Kehoe and how he became interested in criminology.


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